Today it seems that just about everyone is in the business of “powerwashing”, whether it be handyman services, painters or even landscapers. For some reason people are under the misconception that all powerwashing services are the same. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

One of the main problems is there is no regulation throughout the industry, along with the fact that contractors stepping into the business can start up with very little money using low-grade equipment and materials that can be purchased at local discount stores.

What people don’t realize is that these companies masquerading as powerwashing professionals are doing nothing more than spraying around high pressure water, damaging both the unknowing consumer’s valuable property as well as the powerwashing industry as a whole. The reality is anyone can powerwash, but very few can powerwash correctly.

The powerwashing industry is a separate industry unto itself. It is a 2 billion dollar a year business. This industry is made up of trained professionals that take the job of cleaning very seriously. There are industry trade associations, websites, trade publications, training schools, national seminars, conferences and expos, all dedicated to the powerwashing industry.

If you are looking to have someone rinse down your property of some loose dirt than maybe your local painter, handyman or landscaper is up to the task, but if you expect professional results from a company that is specially trained in using the latest detergents and equipment, that can offer like new results that will last years to come than you need to contact a professional powerwashing company, one that is trained and educated in cleaning technology. Look no further as Turbo-Wash is a true professional powerwashing service provider.


Amazingly, house washing is probably one of the homeowner’s most neglected maintenance procedures. Especially when you consider your home is probable the largest single investment of your life. While you regularly clean the exterior finish of your automobile, it seems that for some reason we over look the exteriors finishes of our homes. Air-borne deposits of dirt, grime, and mildew can make your home look shabby in just a few years time. Your house loses its appeal and looks older. In return your investment suffers and so does your pride of home ownership.

Why not turn things around? In only a couple of hours, Turbo-Wash can remove years of dirt and renew your homes exterior finish and appeal. Turbo-Wash can thoroughly clean the exterior of your house using both hot variable-pressure water, along with special cleaning solutions. This will dramatically improve both the appearance as well as the value of your home.


Have you looked outside at your concrete patio and or pool surrounding lately? At first glance you may look at the concrete and feel as though it’s not that dirty. What you may not realize is that, slowly over the years the concrete has been subject to constant weathering and as a result has gradually gotten dirty and mildew stained and the original finish is lost. Most customers are amazed as to how dirty their concrete really became when they see the contrast after Turbo-Wash has begun the cleaning process. If most clients only realized the dirt, mildew and mold spores they had subjected their feet to when walking outside on there patio and or pool surroundings during those hot summer days in the backyard, they would have had the area cleaned long before. For a minimal fee Turbo-Wash will thoroughly clean your concrete area using a combination of both hot high pressure water and a masonry cleaning solution for like new results.

Masonry can be one of the most challenging of surfaces for a contractor to clean. Very few contractors have the necessary equipment, knowledge, and cleaning solutions available to effectively clean these stubbornly stained surfaces.

If in the past you have asked other contractors and cleaning services to restore your masonry and have had less than desirable results or just a plain answer “no the job in question cannot be cleaned”, be sure to get a second opinion from Turbo-Wash… a true specialist in the powerwashing industry. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

There are many different variables involved depending on the specific job at hand. With today’s cleaning technology and the vast selection of masonry cleaning solutions Turbo-Wash incorporates, you can expect your masonry to clean up with amazing results. Whether it be stone, stucco, brick, or concrete, Turbo-Wash can restore the surface to like new results using hot high pressure water in conjunction with one of the many industrial cleaners available to remove airborne carbon, dirt, and mildew stains.


A wood deck adds beauty and value to a home. At the same time it serves as the center for entertaining and relaxation in summer months. It is necessary to clean your wood deck every two to three years and treat it with a premium wood preservative to help maintain and protect its rich wood colors. With proper maintenance you can extend your decks life while maintaining its natural beauty.

Turbo-Wash uses industrial grade hot water powerwashers with fully variable pressure settings to minimize excess fraying or feathering of the woods surface which ensures not to damage the decks finish. In conjunction with the hot water powerwashers we use special wood cleaning solutions to thoroughly clean and prepare the woods surface for a finishing coat of “Ready Seal”. The wood cleaning solutions Turbo-Wash uses are only the best professional grade products, ensuring that the wood is properly prepared for the finish coating.

After the wood has been thoroughly cleaned the deck is finished with “Ready Seal” professional grade wood sealers to ensure maximum protection from future weathering. The deck restoration process can be a slow and very dirty process but the results are truly remarkable with the wood returning very close to its original color.


The black streaking typically found on homes in our area where humidity-driven moisture settles on shingles can be caused by mildew, fungus or roof algae. 3M scientists have identified the most common form as Gloeocapsa Magma. Algae spores are carried by the wind, which is why so many houses in the same neighborhood can end up with this problem. Over the past 20 years or so, this particular algae strain has become hardier, the staining is showing up earlier, is more severe and settles on a greater number of roofs.

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association has written a technical bulletin addressing proper cleaning procedures for asphalt shingle roofs with this growth, and it is those procedures that we follow exclusively. We only apply lower pressure to the roof. Pressure washers are used to deliver soap and water where it is needed, and the water stream is directed so that it lands on the roof on its downward arc.

The soap mixture is allowed to dwell for an appropriate period of time to ensure the best possible early results. There is always some granule loss due to weathering and other natural occurrences, but by allowing the soap to do the work, those protection-providing granules on the shingles are able to remain right where they belong – on your roof.

We have researched many methods of cleaning dirty roofs, focusing on safety, effectiveness and longevity over many years, and in our experience this is without doubt the safest, most effective cleaning method.

Unsightly mold, dirt, algae, and moss stains don’t mean you need a new roof. Have Turbo-Wash restore that dirty roof and get your curb appeal back today!

Turbo-Wash uses a proprietary blend of HOT water, low pressure and special cleaning solutions to restore your roof to like new results, lifting years of unsightly dirt and grime without damage to your delicate roofing shingles.


Pavers have become very popular over the past few years. When pavers are newly installed they can add real beauty to your property, unlike anything else. But after years of weathering, pavers may become somewhat dingy and dirty looking. They may have weeds and grass growing between them. If you remember back to the way they looked when they were new you may be somewhat disappointed.

Don’t worry, Turbo-Wash can restore your pavers back to their original luster. With the use of hot high pressure water and specialized masonry cleaning solutions Turbo-Wash can remove the years of dirt and grime as well as all those stubborn weeds that are starting to peek out between the stones.

After the pavers have been thoroughly cleaned the second step Turbo-Wash utilizes is to treat the area with mildew inhibitors that will kill off any remaining spores and root systems that may still be present.

After the cleaning process is complete it is highly recommended that all of the joints between the pavers be re-packed with a specialized *polymeric sand that will harden much like a grout and keep your pavers from moving around and those stubborn weeds from growing back between the pavers.

The final step to ensure your paver stones are protected from future weathering would be to weather seal the pavers using a professional grade silane/siloxane penetrating sealant. This will offer protection against de-icing chemicals, stain protection, efflorescence, mildew, freeze/thaw protection and general weathering.

After Turbo-Wash has restored, sanded, and sealed your pavers they will look like new and be protected for years to come.

*Polymer Sand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand available in Beige or Slate Grey. Once Polymer Sand sets, it becomes very firm and locks between the paver joints. This firm bond maintains pavers securely in place, being equally effective on both horizontal and sloped surface. The Polymer Sand will help prevent weed sprouting and damage caused by insects. Polymer sand will also help prevent erosion due to weathering. Read more about it at Polysand..